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  • The greatest 970 evo

    Dear Dave Not a serious question really,but one I would like to understand better.I ran your benchmark as I often do,and like to compare my modest hardware with the same components from other folk, for a bit of fun.I have grown used to seeing my excellent little 250 g 970 evo score an average 18400...but how does someone score 82416( the models max all time score) Is it an exotic raid_0 arrangement? or is it the cache thats being measured only,or is there foul play ? keep well to you and everyone.

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    I couldn't find an entry with such a score (it may have been removed) but most of the outrageously high scores for these drives are due to the "magician" or similar software which bypasses the disk caching settings (also see this thread). We try to detect and filter out these results where possible.


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      Thanks Tim for your reply