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New Intel i9 build - advice selecting a model

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  • New Intel i9 build - advice selecting a model

    I am new to this forum, but have been building computers for almost 35 years now, and I also work in IT for my day job. I am planning to upgrade an old rig to Intel i9 for my main desktop and looking for some advice on CPU selection.

    USAGE (listed in order of most important):
    Heavy multi-tasking of productivity apps - 100+ browser tabs open + a dozen or so programs (ex. Office, Slack, Teams, etc)
    Live streaming - about once a month
    Video editing - about a dozen videos per month, about 1 hour each
    Virtual Machines - about 1-2 times per month, sometimes running multiple VMs at once (move to containers at some point)
    Gaming - 2-4 hours a week, latest games

    BOARD: Asus ROG Z490 - exact model TBD
    RAM: 64GB Corsair Veng Pro
    VIDEO: RTX 2080 Ti
    BOOT: NVMe Samsung 980 PRO, 1TB

    I am not looking to do any crazy overlocking, other than what might be natively available as "turbo" I will be using a Noctua cpu cooler (had my fill with liquid-cooled)
    Now I am looking to purchase one of the following (list is limited only to i9 + under $600)

    CPU - Passmark - Price
    i9-10900K - 24,181 - $530
    i9-7920X - 23,338 - $470
    i9-10850K - 22,535 - $487
    i9-10900 - 21,289 - $470
    i9-9900K - 18,876 - $350

    Then there is the i9-10980XE which can be found for $650, which seems expensive but is currently ranked the fastest i9 processor on the board at a whopping score of 34,264. Considering that score, it seems that price is a great value, when limiting comparison to i9 only. Only issue is it won't run on a Z490, so need to go even more expensive on the board, which does not appeal to me. Reviews on that cpu were not very good... am I missing something here?

    Considering the above 6 processors + my use cases, what potential advantages can I expect to see between them, given the other components all remain the same?

    Example potential benefits:

    Gaming on the 10900K vs. the 9900K will gain me 20 fps more
    Video editing - will be 10% faster on 10900K vs. 9900K
    Multi-tasking will be smoother...
    .... and so on

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    Probably any of those CPUs would do the job fine.
    I'd not try and max out the number of cores, and instead look a 8 to 12 cores with high single thread performance (as most software doesn't scale to large numbers of threads)..So maybe the 10900.


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      Thanks! So basically, any performance difference between these 6 would not be noticeable? I gotta believe the i9-10980XE at a score of nearly double the 9900K would definitely be noticeable, especially with video editing/processing.


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        Best chip depends a LOT on which particular software package you use most of the time.

        Actually if it was me I would wait a week or two and see what the new Zen 3 chips are like. Even if you only wanted an Intel chip, it might force the prices down a bit more.


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          Yes, I agree.... that's why I am patiently waiting/watching.... ideally would like to upgrade by end of Nov, but could stretch that to end of year if I had to.
          10980XE would be a great buy at $500, or else a 10900K for $400
          I just don't know the first thing about boards for the XE