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Regarding CPUBenchmark and TDP values

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  • Regarding CPUBenchmark and TDP values

    Ever since Intel started using the "configurable TDP values" that can be set by manufacturers, I had this question: Do the CPUBenchmark scores reflect a CPU running at the typical TDP value, or do they represent a CPU running at the minimal TDP that can be set?
    For instance, the Intel Core i7-10700T has a benchmark of 13.208, according to
    This CPU has a typical TDP of 35W and can be configured down to 25W by a systems integrator. Problem is, according to Intel, to reach these TDP levels, the integrators reduce the clock speed of the processor. Would an Intel Core i7-10700T configured at 25W TDP reach around the same 13.208 score on CPUBenchmark?

    I'm asking this question because I'm defining the specifications of a system for our company to buy, and some manufacturers are trying to goad the directors with some real low TDP values and "energy efficiency", but it seems to me these lower power consumption processors won't deliver the performance we are expecting them to deliver.

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    The average rating of the CPU can be from all different power settings that are submitted for the CPU. The actual CPU performance may differ from the average depending on the CPU power/performance trade off specified by the vendor. On the CPU page (for CPUs that meet the minimum number of samples) you can find a distribution chart that show the range of rating that are submitted.

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