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i7 3rd vs 4th generation comparison gives puzzling test results

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  • i7 3rd vs 4th generation comparison gives puzzling test results

    I bought a reconditioned i7 PC with a 3.5gHz 4770 chip to replace an older PC with a i7 3.5gHz 3770 chip

    Running the PT CPU test on both gives a very poor result for the 4770 (CPU mark of 2240) in comparison to the older 3770 (CPU mark of 9740), which surprises me. However, when I display the PT comparison of my 4770 with others who have the same uP, my test results are on the high side, well above the mean.

    I've always assumed each new generation of a given chip improves performance, but this data indicates just the opposite. Does anyone know why this should be?

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    I think you were looking at the single thread result for the 4770, and if you compare it against the 3770:

    There is definately some improvement between the two generations.


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      Simon, that would make sense of it but doesn't PT do the CPU test using all threads? If not, is there a way in PT that I can set it so it does?


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        Simon, thanks for that link with the comparisons.

        I see now on the test results screen that there is a "CPU Single Threaded" result in addition to the overall result.
        For the 3770 I get 9740 for overall.

        For the 4770 I get 7119 for overall.

        Unfortunately, I've torn apart the 3770 machine so I can't rerun the CPU test on it to compare the single thread result.


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          You can go to Edit > Preferences.. and check that 'Number of processes' matches your CPU's thread count.

          The score for the 4770 seems like it was done using PTv10, whereas PTv9 was used for the 3770.
          There were some changes in calculations between v9 and v10 that might explain the difference in scores.

          You can find the v9 scores on the CPU pages: