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5900x listed as overclocked in bench summary

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  • 5900x listed as overclocked in bench summary

    Just wondering why my submission would list my 5900x as overclocked by finetuning my bios (pbo), while other comparible cpu's dont have that listed. Wondering how thats decided.

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    PBO is basically a small overclock - to not be considered a overclocked result, it would need to be running at 3.7GHz (+-100Mhz) and boost at 4.8Ghz (+-100Mhz) for a 5900x


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      Ok, I have mine boosting to over 5ghz, and if that is why its listed as overclocked, I understand. I'm just not seeing that type of categorizing for other cpu's that are also obviously boosting, be it a 12900k, or 5950x for example. I would guess that the submitted result for either of those would be 'fine tuned' in their bios as well, but not listed as overclocked?


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        Disregard my last post Simon,
        I went back and took a look based on what you had said and my confusion is cleared up.
        Appreciate your response.