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Performance Drop Direct 2d and DirectX 9 Complex.

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  • Performance Drop Direct 2d and DirectX 9 Complex.

    hi, I have seen a large performance drop from 2 months ago, but no hardware or drivers have changed

    Direct 2d - was 14, now 5
    DirectX 3 Complex - was 51, now 22

    All other tests are within margin of error. Computer is relatively old, Phenom X3 8GB ddr2 pc2-6400. Graphics is ATI Radeon HD4770. Overall 3d score was 1200, now only 890. Running Windows 8.1 on a SSD.

    So what has happened?

    I know that I have run the DirectX 9 web installer, as a game required it as was giving an error about missing directx files.

    Unfortunately windows is not letting me roll back far enough to see if this was the problem. Or maybe it is a windows update.

    I saw someone else with a direct 2d issue similar. Any ideas how I can resolve this please?

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    Yes, there was this discussion that a recent Windows patch (around Feb 2015) negatively effected the Direct2D performance.

    Other than rolling back the Windows patch we don't know of any solution.