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Incorrect info for graphics cards

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  • Incorrect info for graphics cards

    Is there somewhere we can go to report incorrect info for graphics cards?

    For example, the Radeon R9 290X says that it has "10006" MHz core clock, when really it's only 1k. It's especially noticeable when using the 'Comparison' view against other cards.

    Not the only error I've seen like this too. Just want to know how we can go about getting it corrected.

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    Post any errors that you find and we'll get them fixed up.


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      Ah, cool. Well, as I stated, the 290X should be at 1000 MHz core clock. Also it has 4GB memory (4096 MB), instead of the displayed 192MB. Link to the card is in my first post.

      EDIT: Actually, I'm seeing some cards at 1050 MHz, some at 1000, and a few inbetween. Let me verify the base specs before it gets updated.

      EDIT2: Found AMD's spec sheet for the series.

      They're listing the core clock at a *maximum* of 1000 MHz, so anything above that would be overclocking by the company creating the card.

      Thanks guys!
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        Thank you, the info for 290x is now updated. Let us know if you (or anyone else) spots any more mistakes.