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CPU performance per watt accuracy

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  • CPU performance per watt accuracy

    Given global energy crisis I am looking at the link below to potentially buy most power efficient non-gaming average CPU and wonder how accurate is the data as while CPU performance data is actual and measurable, power data is potentially skewed by different reasons(i.e. heating/ventilation limits, manufacturing QC issues) as not measured in time. Is there more accurate table anywhere else to cross-check?

    Particularly concerned as below somewhat data is inaccurate(emailed passmark as well to doublecheck) as all these three CPUs on intel website have the same wattage or this is something else?

    Click image for larger version

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    TDP is only a rough indication of max power usage and only for the CPU, not the entire system.
    Most computers don't run at full CPU load for extended periods.
    BIOS settings and Windows power plan settings also have a big impact. So TDP number won't translate to real power usage very well for most people. This is especially the case for laptops where there are losses in the charger and self-discharge in the battery.

    Very carefully measurement is required under a variety of circumstances to get a true figure.

    Where it is useful however is as a relative number. All else being equal, a 9W TDP CPU will use less power than a 15W TDP CPU.