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Haswell vs broadwell

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  • Haswell vs broadwell

    are the broadwell quad core cpu's pretty much garanteed to out perform the previous haswells?

    I'm saving up for a New laptop I figure I'll have around $1100 by Christmas. I was really liking the benchmarks for the i7 4720HQ Score: 8191. that score destroys my current laptop and even my current desktop the Core 2 Quad Q8400.

    I figure by Christmas I'll probably only have broadwells and maybe skylake processors to choose from in a laptop.
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    Broadwell & Haswell are both a range of CPUs from very low power units to higher end desktop units. So it really depends on which exact two CPUs you are comparing.

    But yes, by Christmas there will been a new range on the market.


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      well with only 1 persons benchmarks the 5700HQ is beating out the 4720HQ which I was eye balling. current stock is sold out and I don't know if there will be any more in