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Samsung 990 Pro low performance scores

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  • Samsung 990 Pro low performance scores

    I’m confused… when I benchmark my Samsung 990 Pro 1TB using Passmark, the numbers are horrible. I tested it with CrystalDiskMark and Userbenchmark…the results are very good with those tests. Is there a compatibility issue with the Samsung 990 Pro and Passmark’s benchmark test? I need to decide (performance wise) if I keep the Samsung 990 Pro or use a WD SN850X instead.

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    See this old post to start with,

    Also try the V11 beta release. The test scenario was changed slightly to report higher numbers (even if higher numbers aren't always so accurate in terms of real life use)


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      I did try the Beta Version and the performance score is now excellent. I’m glad I tried the beta build… I was going to return the 990 Pro as it wasn’t performing well using V10.2.
      The next question is when will new product keys be available… I noticed my key doesn’t work with the Beta build.


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        as it wasn’t performing well
        That's probably the more common real life performance level however.
        Small differences in how you measure a SSD's performance can lead to very big differences in the results. People are too focused on getting a big number in a niche use case.

        We are hoping to release V11 in a few weeks.
        We are still adding a few more features (A Direct Storage benchmark is what we are working on this week).


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          A personal observation concerning build 10 vs 11. Disk Mark test… the Samsung 990 Pro doesn’t perform well in Version 10… the WD SN850X scores are very high…44,000 vs 35,000. In Version 11, 990 Pro is much faster than the WD… 53,000 vs 51,000. This seems odd to me having so much difference between two drives with similar specifications. The 3D Mark test, my RX 7900 XTX performs better in Version 10… it seems the DirectX 10 test yields a much lower result in version 11. The 2D Mark tests are higher in Version 11. Everything else is seems equal between the two versions.