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  • A few Benchmark questions


    Today my brother is shopping around looking to get a new gaming PC. I've never built one myself, but am familiar with specs of previous laptops I've bought (yes, I know, Desktop>>>>>>>laptop).

    The first strange thing I found; several "gaming" desktops I was looking at with him didn't even seem up to par with his laptop, let alone mine (For reference, my CPU average is 9147 on this site, while his is 7631). We found a semi-custom desktop which appeared overall better except the CPU-Intel Core i7-4510U, average mark is 3939. His laptop is a few years old, so I thought-maybe there's something I'm not understanding? I'd figured it was a straight ratio; a laptop with a higher benchmark beats out a desktop with a lower one, such as this case, and vice versa. Is this just a bad "gaming" cpu?

    On to my next question. He ran a benchmark after I asked him to, figuring by now he'd score lower than the average, just so we could get a ballpark of how this new CPU might perform compared to his current does. He scored 1946. That's thousands below the AVERAGE. What is going on here? I'm not too familiar with how the rest of the machine might affect it; I know his graphics card is pretty crappy (benchmark average is around 400)-but I'd think a CPU test would exclude the GPU. To me this means there's a problem-what might this problem be? Or is he just getting throttled by GPU?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Had to comment without knowing the hardware specs of the machines in question and the individual CPU benchmark scores (rather than just the overall score)

    It is certainly the case that a laptop can be faster than a desktop. But for the same price a desktop should be faster. Some of the new laptops have high performance M.2. SSDs, which can really lift the overall machines's performance, even if it doesn't help with game frame rates. There are also more and more low (electrical) power desktop machines. So it is hard to generalize nowadays.


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      I m searching ddr3 graphic card for my system
      I want an suggestion to know, If any ddr3 graphic card with 4000 passmark is available in market.
      please tell any suggestion:-
      My System Configure:-
      I want to Futher work in Lumion animation
      Ram 16GB (8x2) 1600 mhz
      Processor i3 2100 3.10 ghz
      1TB HDD


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        There is really no such thing as a video card that uses DDR3 ram, at least not a high performing one.

        So maybe you mean GDDR3 SDRAM.
        But that come out in 2004. More than a decade ago. And it doesn't really make any sense to buy a 10 year old video card, even if there was one available for sale.
        But why worry about the type of RAM at all? It isn't the most important specification for a video card.