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    Hi, is this Macbook Pro M1 Pro chip really that much better than these 10th gen laptop CPU's? Click image for larger version

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    Yes, in the set of benchmark tests that comprised the CPU Mark, the M1 performed better than the Intel CPUs shown in your image. The M1 chip has better CPU performance (for this set of synthetic benchmarks) but it is not clear cut and may depends on your application.

    e.g., To compare the performance of a particular software application on Intel vs M1, then you should search for those reviews directly. The M1 chip is based on ARM architecture and limited on Apple devices. So, you can assume Apple has optimize its OS/applications to perform well with the M processors. Apple did implement compatibility layer to allow Mac x86 software to run on M processors, but it may (or may not) perform as well as running directly on Intel Mac.