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Low GPU passmark score?

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  • Low GPU passmark score?

    sorry for my english. I am from czech republic (europe).
    My problem: I have gpu: Asus GTX950-M-2GD5 and when i run test on passmark 8 I get always around 4700 score on 3d Graphics mark but when i compare this score to : PassMark - G3D Mark High End Videocards - Updated 27th of November 2015 list its too low. I have clean Windows 10, no virus, spyware etc.. Drivers are updated to latest one. But my CPU is only fx4130 3.8Ghz quad core. Is this the problem that my cpu slow gpu benchmark? I have G2D score low too 419. So my question is where is the problem? Why i have only G3D 4700 score when everybody else get like 5300 score?
    Thanks alot for any answer.

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    Yes, a slow CPU can lower the 3D and 2D scores.