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i3-6600 versus i3-6320

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  • i3-6600 versus i3-6320

    This is my first post. Can anyone tell me why the i3-6600 at 3.8mhz has a higher score than the i3-6320 at 3.9mhz? Shouldn't the higher clocked 6320 be faster since the only difference I can see is clockspeed? I did a search but it did not turn up anything about this subject.

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    I think you might be confused. At least at the moment there isn't any CPU with the i3-6600 model number.


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      Sorry, typo. Should be i3-6300 at 3.8 and i3-6320 at 3.9


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        Sorry, typo. Should be i3-6300 at 3.8mhz versus i3-6320 at 3.9mhz.


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          i3-6300 at 3.8mhz
          You mean GHz, not mhz.

          But these two CPUs are almost identical. The GHz clock speeds you refer to are the turbo speeds, which only apply when running a single thread. And when running a single thread the i3-6320 is indeed very slightly faster. When running on all cores (2 * 2) then they seem to be basically the same, or so close that the difference is below the margin of error in the benchmarks.

          As they are new CPUs, the benchmark result should get more accurate over time as we get more results in.

          Really Intel didn't need to release these as different parts. They aren't different enough to really warrant having two model numbers.

          Here is a page comparing the i3-6300 and i3-6320.