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How can 980 ti outperform Titan X on Passmark?

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  • How can 980 ti outperform Titan X on Passmark?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm building a workstation and I'm considering quadro m4000 vs 980 ti vs titan X. I don't really care for saving $300-400 by sacrifice performance. That's why I thought titan X should be the better option however looking at Passmark results I was surprised to see 980ti outperformed titan x.

    How is this possible? I just don't get it. Titan X has more CUDA cores, more RAM and there are overclocked versions available of it too. How is it coming in at the 2nd place?

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    The 3D benchmark tests don't use huge amounts of video RAM (very few programs do). So the significant advantage that the Titan X has in this area counts for nothing.

    Otherwise the cards are so close in specifications that other factors are more important. e.g. which CPU and RAM you pair them up with and are they over clocked or not. This is what is probably pushing the 980 ti ahead.

    The deciding factor for you should be what software you are going to use. For example if you spend all your time in 3DMax, then you should research benchmarks for that software. Different applications (ours included) perform differently on different cards.


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      Hey there, I am in the exact same situation, the Quadro M4000 vs. the Ti vs. the X...
      What one have you gone with and why?

      Thanks a bunch...