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    Hi Guys

    Please help.

    Love playing dayz standalone but need better FPS and Graphic settings - looking forward to receiving your comments.

    specs are

    intel i3 4160 3.60 GHZ (overclockable or not please advise?)
    Nividia GeFore GT 740
    8 Gig ddr3 ram

    Please help me out here. any changes that i can do to my PC? Any software i can download to increase performance?

    i have msi afterburner but also not sure what my max overclock is..

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    I assuming you a run some benchmark software and the results are in line with you hardware specs.

    There isn't any magic software that makes your PC faster (unless it is broken to start with).

    Overclocking might gain you 10 - 20% if you are careful and lucky.

    But a hardware upgrade is what you really for a dramatic improvement.