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R9 Nano - Video Editor PC

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  • R9 Nano - Video Editor PC

    Is the benchmark for the Nano the same as the Fury/Fury X?

    You can get what there is of them around in Australia for less that $800.

    I want them for an upgrade to my PC - 90% editor, 10% gamer. nVidia needs to run old drivers - for PowerDirector13. Otherwise I'd look at gtx970s.

    So maybe the Nanos are a good choice.

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    In terms of specifications the Nanos are on par with the Fury/FuryX and have a slightly lower clock speed, which makes them a lot more efficient in terms of power use, so they should sit just below the Fury.

    However as they seem to be a re-badged Fury (the nano and Fury use the same device ID for identification) they will be grouped into the Fury results as there is no way to easily identify between them.