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  • Battery question

    Sorry, if this is a stupid question and if I posted it in the wrong category. But I have a problem with the battery of my PC. I had problems with her for, maybe a month or two, and my PC began reboot in the next three minutes, after I turned him on. Today, I can't do even that( I mean turn him on). It's just a black screen and self-turning off all the time. So here's the question? Is it possible to solve this problem, only with changing the battery? Or everything is much worse? BTW, my computer is rather old. I bought in 2010.

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    I assume you are talking about a laptop battery (as oppose to a CMOS battery).

    The first question is does the computer work when being powered by the power supply? (Most laptop work even without a battery installed when plugged in.)

    If it does, then it might very well be a bad battery.
    If it does not, then you probably have something else wrong with the computer.


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      Well, honestly I'm talking about CMOS battery. But I also have problem with laptop battery and to answer your question- my laptop works only...around 5 minutes without plugging by the power supply.


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        Originally posted by joewilliams View Post
        works 5 minutes without plugging by the power supply.
        It's better to replace the laptop battery.