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high end 2nd gen i7 vs 6th gen i5-6200U

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  • high end 2nd gen i7 vs 6th gen i5-6200U

    I'm looking to replace a laptop that had a Core i7-2670QM @ 2.20GHz (benchmark here 5951) with one of equivalent or better performance. It was HP dv6t with 8 GB Ram.

    Main use is web browsing (on complex, slow news websites that load many ads, flash's and videos that start automatically. Don't laugh it can take 30 sec per page). We have 40 Mb/s internet.

    A lot of laptops in the low-midrange now have i5-6200U's, benchmark only 3935. Would it give the same level of performance as the old i7?

    If not, it seems price/perf has not improved at all in 4 years. I would have to pay $1000 for a laptop with cpubenchmark of 5900 like the old one, same as I paid 4 years ago.

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    Power efficiency has improved a lot. The 2670QM was 45 Watts. While the new 6200U is 15W. So these CPUs are really in the same class.

    Have a look at this chart

    There are lots of choices that offer better performance than the 2670QM.

    Also make sure you get a SSD, they make a huge difference to performance.