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  • CPU vs GPU

    Hello, Passmark. The forum is getting pretty quiet these days, right?
    Let me heat it up a little,ok?

    Here, I'm asking for both passmark and anybody's opinion about how CPU & GPU really affects realworld performance.Scores too...

    Where should we put our money in to get the most out of it?

    Pls do make this thread as LONG as POSSIBLE!
    Opinion of any kind is welcomed!!!

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    The forum is getting pretty quiet these days, right?
    No. Not at all. It is about the same as the past 6 months. People mostly come here when they have a problem with our software. So the easier we make the software to use, the less people need to ask questions. So in some ways a quiet form is a good forum

    You didn't really provide enough information for anyone to make a sensible comment. For example, If you are running a web server there is no point upgrading the video card. And conversely if you already have a quad Xeon's, then spending more money on new CPU's is also a waste.