I read your article on problems with raid. It only took me 5 installs to get mine working. I wonder if it is worth it. Anyway, I am concerned about my hard disk speed in my Raid 0+1 configuration.

I am running AMD 4400x2 with an Asus A8N-3 motherboard.
2 gig of corsair value line memory
ATI 1300x PC-e video card
2 Plextor IDE DVD Drives
2 SATA2 Seagate 3500641AS drives
2 SATA2 Seagate 3500630AS drives (vendor messed up my order)

My passmark rating was 616 which seems about normal. But my hard drive speed showed:

Sequential Read: 69.9
Sequential Write: 92.4
Random Seek + RW: 5.7.

This seems a bit slow to me with my Raid 0+1 configuration. Any thoughts from anyone?

Thank you,