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  • Baseline Information to a Database

    Is there a way to capture the Baseline information that Peromance Test reads from the PC to a database or textfile?



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    There are a couple of different export fuctions under the File menu. There is one option for CSV format, from which you can get the data into a database.


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      What I need is the Baseline information, not the results from the test. I get the results from my scripts. I need the baseline information (computer config.) exported to a database. Thanks.


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        There is no function to export directly to a database. You'll need to export to text then read in the text file from the database.


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          If you bring up the Performance Test 6.1 program, on the taskbar you have the Baseline task option. You click on the word Baseline and you get 5 options. Select Baseline, Baseline Information, Install Baseline from file, Install Baseline from Web, Upload Basleine to Web. If you then Click on Baseline Information option, a box pops up with the computers hardware configuration (System Information, Memory Information, etc..). That is the data we would like to capture to a file (Text, CSV, etc...). How can we capture that information? We are already know how to capture the results, which works very well. We would like to have the results along with the computer hardware information in our spreadsheet/Database.


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            All the main system information is exported when you export to text or export to HTML. This is an example of what is exported to text.

            System information: This Computer
            CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
            Number of CPU: 2
            (1 Core(s)/CPU, 2 Logical(s)/Core)
            CPU Type: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz
            CPU1 Speed: 3400.1 MHz
            CPU2 Speed: 3400.1 MHz
            Cache size: 1024KB
            O/S: Windows XP (WIN32)
            Total RAM: 1023.5 MB.
            Available RAM: 442.4 MB.
            Video settings: 1600x1200x32
            Video driver:
            DESCRIPTION: RADEON X600 Series 
            MANUFACTURER: RADEON X600 Series
            BIOS: BK-ATI VER008.015.120.000
            DATE: 05/03/29
            Drive Letter: C
            Total Disk Space: 69.2 GBytes
            Cluster Size: 4.0 KBytes
            File system: NTFS
            However your are right, that there is some system information (like the PCI slot details) that are not exported. There is no easy way to access these details ourside of PerformanceTest.