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nVidia error when running Complex 3d Graphics

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  • nVidia error when running Complex 3d Graphics

    When running the 3d Graphics -> Complex Test, my computer shows a the planes and the environment but the animation isn't moving. After 20 seconds or so, my computer locks up and a error pops up telling me that i have to reboot.

    Sometimes this pops up when running the complex test:

    This is what windows links me to after it reboots:

    I built this computer a week ago:
    MSI 8800gtx
    G.Skill 2GB RAM
    Corsair 520HX power supply

    and I'm testing this with a pentium 4 3.8ghz

    My computer runs 3dmark06 and 3dmark05 fine and I have driver 158.22 from nVidia.

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    The nv4_disp software is the nVidia video card device driver.

    It has crashed, with the error thread stuck in device driver.

    If is a fairly common problem with nVidia device drivers with many people seeing with a lot of different software.

    Some people in other forums suggested that this thread stuck problem is because of video card overheating and power supply issues. But I think this is probably rubbish and they only suggest this because they don't have a good understanding of multi-threaded programming, and how easy it is to have a software bug that results in an infinite loop or deadlock.

    You should contact nVidia and ask them to fix the bug.