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test results - passmark rating perfomance test V4.0 Help :)

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  • test results - passmark rating perfomance test V4.0 Help :)

    hi there, i have just ran Passmark Rating (perfomance test V4.0) and i was wondering if my passmark rating was supposed to be the same as the megaflops rating..... my reults were PASSMARK RATING 190.7 & MEGAFLOPS WAS 373.3 is this a good result?.... just for interests sake i am having trouble with my comp (possible memory leak somewhere) i just dunno thats why i am doing tests... Thank you .... FAMO (australia)

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    Version 5 of PerformanceTest is now released and the megaFLOPS rating has now been removed becuase it was a souce of confusion to some users.

    Regarding V4 however. The PassMark rating and the MegaFLOPS rating are not meant to be the same. It is hard to comment on what is a good result unless we know something about your hardware configuration.

    190 might be a good result for a old machine but it isn't so hot if it is a brand new machine.

    You can also compare your result to the result from other computers by using baseline files.
    but you need to purchase the software to do this.