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Memory Mark Question? Total Passmark alright?

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  • Memory Mark Question? Total Passmark alright?

    I am scoring memory mark of 376 .
    Is this normal?? Compared to others with same type of memory this seems low.

    2 GB (2X1) Dual Channel OCZ DDR2 PC 6400 (800MHZ)

    I think possibly that my memory is not running in dual channel mode. Mayne they are not in the proper slots .I put them in the first two slots .The slots are all the same color. Are they ok or should they be in slots 1 and 3?
    Shouldn't the memory mark be higher for this RAM?

    I am running AMD Athlon X2 4000+ 2110MHZ
    with Acer EM61SM/EM61PM Motherboard
    2 GB (2X1) Dual Channel OCZ DDR2 PC 6400 (800MHZ)
    GeForce 6100 Nforce 405 Integrated 256mb graphics
    250 GB SATA HD

    Here are the rest of the passmark scores ........Do these seem normal as well?
    I just bought this new PC and upgraded the RAM in it and I just wanna make sure everything is running normal.

    CPU Mark 1004
    2D Graphics 320
    Memory Mark 376
    Disk Mark 1769
    CD Mark 99
    3D Graphics Mark 60
    Passmark Rating 745

    Thanks alot

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    The 4000+ is a fairly rare CPU. The 4400+, 3800+ & 4200+ were all much more common. So there are only a few comparable machines in our database.

    Looking at the 4 or so comparable 4000+ machines, their memory mark score was ~350 on average. The lowest was 319.

    So I think your result is pretty good (for that CPU), and the memory bandwidth depends on a lot on the CPU type as well as the RAM.