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BE2300/2350 can not run performance 6.1

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  • BE2300/2350 can not run performance 6.1

    BE2300/2350 can not run performance 6.1.

    please help me to solve the problem.


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    What is the BE2300?
    Goggle turned up a few references to this being a AMD model number, on 3rd party sites. But AMD themselves don't list it as a product.

    What exactly was the problem with PerformanceTest? Was there an error message?


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      sorry,forget to attached the cpu information,
      ADH2400IAA5DOAM2 BE 2400 940 2.3G/1024K 45WBrisbane24002.3G940G2ADH2350IAA5DDAM2 BE 2350 940 2.1G/1024K 45WBrisbane23502.1G940G1ADH2350IAA5DOAM2 BE 2350 940 2.1G/1024K 45WBrisbane23502.1G940G2ADH2300IAA5DDAM2 BE 2300 940 1.9G/1024K 45WBrisbane23001.9G940G1ADH2300IAA5D0AM2 BE 2300 940 1.9G/1024K 45WBrisbane23001.9G940G2
      use these cpus can not install performance 6.1,and will pop up a error message,cause I can upload the picture,so I write below.
      Error:Access violation at 0x00000012 (tired to read from 0x00000012) program terminated.
      Please help to analyse this issue,and feedback the result.
      My email address is


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        You could save us time and get better support if you more concisely describe the config.

        What I think you meant to say is that you are using the "AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 (G2)" and "Athlon X2 BE-2350" CPUs?

        We are not aware of any problems with these CPUs. Does the problem happen during the install process, or after install when you run the software for the 1st time?

        What are the details for the rest of your configuration. e.g. O/S version, video card, etc..

        Exactly which release of PerfomanceTest are you using? Are you using the 32bit or 64bit release? Did you download it from our site for from another location?


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          Hi all,
          Chipset: nVidia C51PVG +MCP51
          OS: Vista HomePremium 32bit
          Config: CPU: AMD AM2 BE 2300 940 1.9G/1024K 45W ADH2300IAA5D0
          Memory : Nanya DDRII533 512MB
          HDD:Seagate SATA2 Tonka2 80G 7200rpm 8M W/NCQ
          Onboard VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE ,driver 01/19/2007.
          Performance 6.1(1001) win32, download it from ur webset,and buy the key.
          Issue description:After install the performance,and first run this tool,it will pop up a error message,the error information is “Access violation at 0x00000012 (tired to read from 0x00000012) program terminated”.
          And U can try several times,always has this problem.But change the CPU(like 3800+,4200+...single core or dual core),this tool can work successfully.


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            Could you please run PerformanceTest in DEBUGMODE and post the debug log contents.

            Information on how to run PerformanceTest in debugmode is contained here:



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              Dear Ian,
              The debug version can work successfully,since the version is performance 6.1(1008 ),but the fail version is 1001.


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                Sorry, I am not sure I understand. The DEBUGMODE option works on all version of PerformanceTest since V5.

                Do you have the problem with the latest version of BurnInTest?



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                  The latest version performance 6.1(100 can work successfully,but using the former version can not.


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                    If you can't post the debug log contents as requested then I don't think we can investigate the issue.