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Poor HD Rating when using a RAID 0

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  • Poor HD Rating when using a RAID 0

    So, here is my scenario:

    AMD x2 6000 +
    4 gig DDR2 800 Memory
    GeForce 8800 GTS video card
    nVidia 570 SLI chipset
    3 80 Gig WD 7200 RPM SATA II drives in a RAID 0

    Performance test shows my Desk write speed at ~150 - 160 however, the sequential read speed is only ~ 30. I would think these numbers would be closer together (I've seen other SATA drives get 55 just by themselves) Observed results show my drives are MUCH quicker than a conventional rig (load times for games / video editing against my duplicate machine (with the same EXACT setup except for the RAID)

    I wonder what gives...


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    Did you check you are actually running the test on the RAID set. Maybe you are running the test on your 3rd drive. You can select the drive to test from the Edit / Preferences window.

    Are the numbers you quoted from the standard disk test or the advanced disk test (if the later, what settings are you using).

    The last hardware RAID set I built also had abysmal results. But in my case I was sure it really was a hardware / device driver issue. So you can't automatically dismiss this possibility.

    Did you repeat the test several times? Maybe there was some other task running in the background accesing the disk while the test was running.


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      Interesting Results

      Thanks for the quick response. For clarification, all 3 of my drives participate in the RAID array so I only have one physical partition visible to Windows. I had just been running the standard teset (a la click the disk icon at the top of the window) I took your advice and ran an advanced test and averaged 114 mb/s That seems MUCH better than than what I was seeing before. Does that sound about right to you?