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Cant't load baselines

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  • Cant't load baselines

    A few months ago I purchased PT4.0 and made about a dozen beselines of my computer in various configutrations and settings. After a recent computer crash I reinstalled PT4.0, but can only load default baselines, but not the ones I have saved myself before. My baselibes were not affected by the crash as they were saved on a floppy and on a removable HDD, but non of them works. What can be the problem? Please help.

    Best regards,

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    There should be no problem to reload old baselines. And no one has reported any problem like this before. Are you sure you did in fact re-install version 4 and not some earlier or later version.

    What is the error message that you see when you try and reload one of these baseline files?

    Are you sure that the floppy disk is OK. Try copying the contents to you hard drive and opening the file from your hard drive.

    If you don't find an obvious explanation, E-mail one of the faulty files to PassMark support.



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      Cant't load baselines

      - I've reinstalled PT 4.0 build 1003
      - The error message is "Error: The file D\...\*.pt is not a valid Baseline file. The file may be corrupted or you may have selected the wrong file"
      - The old baseline files were stored both on floppy and on removable hard drive. They don't work neither from the floppy (could be damaged) nor from the hard drive (hard to believe that ALL baselines got corrupted, while the rest of the hard drive is OK).
      - I'll e-mail one of the faulty files to PassMark support so you could have a look at it. Thank you.

      Best regards,


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        Both of these files are corrupt. I have examined then with a binary editor
        and they appear to be completely filled with random data. It would appear
        that none of the header information or data fields written by
        PerformanceTest exist.

        I can't tell you how they were corrupted - could have been faulty media,

        Best regards,
        PassMark software