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What is an average or good score

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  • What is an average or good score

    Hey all, been around PCs for a couple years just for a hobby, for work, for school etc. Just got this software to benchmark some overclocking. Gotta say I like it so far!

    But, I was wondering if there is an "average score" and what is considered a "good" score. I know its hard to define average and good, but just ballpark numbers.

    Here's mine, with my quadcore OC'd to 3.0 it scores 1346.8

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    We keep a searchable database of scores which you can use if you purchase the software.

    For a new desktop machine, anything over 600 is pretty good at the moment. Over 1000 is a big score. Over 2000 is a truly humongous score on the bleeding edge.


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      sweet, thanks for the link. I did buy the software, and burn in test as well.

      It is very good software, but without having anything to compare to, all it is good for is measuring performance for upgrades and overclocks.

      Thanks again!