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Performance test on a Centrino

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  • Performance test on a Centrino

    When running the perf test on a centrino how do I get the CPU to run full speed?
    The test is calculating the speed at 600 Mhz. on a 1.6 mobile CPU in a Centrino system. I understand how the Centrino will throttle down when at rest but why does the Perf Test read the CPU at idle when in fact it is in use?

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    This is a known issue. PerformanceTest reports the current clock speed only.

    From our investigations it seems that the CPU only steps up in speed when it has been until heavy load for more than 100ms. (Don't quote us on this exact figure becuase it might vary from one CPU model to the next and is fairly rough).

    The software routine in PerformanceTest that measures the CPUs clock speed in Mhz runs for less than 100ms and returns the current speed. The speed measurement is made when the software starts up and this doesn't seem to put enough load on the CPU to make it step up, before the measurement takes place.