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Terrible terrible memory test.

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  • Terrible terrible memory test.

    Hey guy have a question.

    I have performance test 4.0.

    I have 2 pc's

    #1 is a toshiba laptop, 2.0 ghz celeron with 2 sticks of 256 pc 2100 ram DDR 266 installed, all else standard.

    #2 is a self built, good level epox 8rda+3 board, AMD Barton 2500+ oc'd to 2800+ with a single stick of 512 pc 3200 ddr 400.

    Now my uqestion is , why does this faster system get absolutely killed in memory tests ?

    The memory read cached is 45 % slower.
    The memory read uncached is 56% slower.
    The memory write is good at only 21% slower.

    Any one have any ideas on why this is ?