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Cores not fully loaded under test?

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  • Cores not fully loaded under test?

    Hi all

    Does anyone know why the cpu cores (Q6600) never get fylly loaded under performance test? According to PC wizard core activity is in between 45 - 93 % during performance test v6.1.



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    Only the CPU test will fully load the CPUs. Other tests like the disk and CD test will hardly touch a quad core CPU.

    And even for the CPU test there is a pause between the tests. So the average overall will be lower than 100%.

    To see them maxed out. Go to the Edit / preferences window and increase the test duration. Then you will see longer periods of max activity, during the CPU test.


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      This is also beacuse the Q6600 is two dual cores stuck on a insulator, there is not enough frontside bus for all 4 of them to max out either!

      you will be able to probably get usage of about:
      99 - 99 - 80 - 50 aproximatly

      the FSB is the bottleneck, the only way to open it up is to OC the FSB and knock down the multiplier a tad or 2, that way when you oc your not overloading it even more!