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273 - amd x2 5000+ ??? help!

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  • 273 - amd x2 5000+ ??? help!

    Recently built a pc for gaming - AMD x2 5000+, asus m2n32-sli deluxe, xfx 8800gt 670mhx + inno3d 8800gt 650mhz, 2x1gb ballistix tracer 800mhz, coolermaster m700w psu, lexa blackline case, WD 160gb sata2 HDD.

    Its been performing very badly, only really wanted it to play COD 4 so far, which looks fantastic, moves like a drunk 60 year old.

    been scoring no more than 6070 in 3dmark06, with one card, less with both. Been swapping ram round, gfx cards round etc trying to see whats wrong.

    Now thinking its the cpu - I have linked to my passmark performance test 6.1 for the cpu below, it appears to be a bit low. I disabled anti virus/spyware while doing it, only had pctools firewall on. fresh install of windows xp (2 days old) and practically nothing on my pc (only drivers, 3dmark, passmark, cpu-z etc)

    Is my cpu ****ed?!

    any help greatly appreciated, ive had this pc a month now and its doing my head in!

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    Your screen shot is too small to read the actual numbers and it doesn't link to a larger version.

    I think your CPU mark is 10??, just over 1000. Which is about right for a AMD x2 5000+.

    I am very surprised you are running in SLI mode with non identical graphics cards. I think that might be asking for trouble.


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      Ahhh, right - I was going by the very last figure. The cpu mark is 1013...

      Im willing to accept what you say about the non identical cards, but my pc is still scoring about 2500 too low in 3dmark without sli, and only one card in it (I get as low as 5820 with the slower card, ive seen practically identical pc's get 8400 with one 8800gt) I did investigate about the difference in cards and was told that as long as they are the same model its fine, the only minor problem being that the faster card will only work as fast as the slower one? One of the main reasons I bought the 2 cards was after reading a review/benchmark of the 8800gt in sli vs an 8800gtx, that was a very similar set-up, one XFX oc'd GT and a standard, cheaper brand - that seemed to perform ok?

      To be honest, my main concern at the moment is getting my pc to work as it should with one card in.....


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        The CPU mark of 1013 is OK for an AMD x2 5000+

        So I think the CPU is OK.

        I can't comment on 3DMark scores as this is not our product. I suugest you contact the 3Dmark people.