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    Hi there

    Just bought the tool and wanted to compare my CPU with the once I planning on buying. But it seems on the Download Option there are Lots of CPU's not even available Intel Quad Q6600 and Intel T7500.

    Am I doing somthing wrong?

    Also when I tick "LapTops only" The tool crashes on my Win XP Pro SP2

    Regards Markus

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    It should never crash. What are the exact values you enter into the search form? What O/S are you running on?

    There are over 250 examples of Q6600 machines in the database and 37 examples of T7500 machines (the Q6600 is a more popular CPU).

    But I don't think you will find the Q6600 in a laptop computer as the Q6600 sucks too much power and generates too much heat to be in laptop.

    But it is true that some of these CPU variants are hard to search for. We will add some additional options to the search form to make it a bit easier.

    You can see the T7500 result here.


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      It seems some Core 2 Duo models, like the T7500, were not picked up in the database search. This has now been corrected.

      If PerformanceTest crashes on selecting the Laptop search criteria, could you please post the crash details, specifically the crash address like 0x00412345, and what search you were trying. We have been unable to reproduce this behavior.

      Ian (PassMark)


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        Could it be that the German 6.0 version does not even have the core 2 options on the pulldown?

        Regards Markus


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          I downloaded the english 6.1 and there seems to be the core 2 option.

          BUT try this

          Use the download and install Baselin to search.

          Choose CPU Type Intel Core 2 and search

          169 Pages of results

          No choose CPU Type Intel Core 2 and OS Vista search again -> 144 Pages and losts of Windows XP.

          I acctually think the search functinallity is not working properly. It also would be nice if you could search for the the CPU Name directly Like t7500 and so on.

          Unless the search of the baselines work properly the tool is not really a great help in comparting and making descissions (this under the point that I am not just another dumb user, not knowing how to filter results



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            Sorry, there was a new bug introduced with combined searches (e.g. speed + OS). This has now been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

            Yes, the older V6.0 version of PerformanceTest (including the German version) does not support the most recent CPU types in the "Install baseline from web".



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              Thanks for the Quickfix.

              There is more room for some improvement.

              You are showing only 10 of n search results. It would be nice if one could shoose how many to display. Large screen and lots of white.

              Why I want this. It seems that sorting a column does only display what you have in view. So therefore again sorting is not so well implemented.

              I have 16 Page -> 160 Results Sorting only sorts the first 10.

              Searching for Intel Core 2 2-2,5 Ghz and Vista.

              Regards Markus


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                Thanks for the feedback, we will add this to our list of possible features for the next major version of PerformanceTest.