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  • Remove CD score from overall result

    I work for a large company, we have created a number of baseline files for all our existing hardware and any new hardware we purchase. This allows us to compare them alongside each other. However there is a problem due to the CD mark scoring very randomly which we feel has affected some of the scores. So the question is this.

    Is it possible to remove the CD mark from the baselines? and somehow re-calculate the total score? How are the scores weighted? If I was to try and recalculate the scores without the CD mark how would I go about doing it? For new hardware we will now point to a script that does not run the CD mark test, but we have a large number of exisitng baselines which need to be altered as the machines can't be accessed to re benchmark them. Any help would be appreciated

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    You could try exporting the results into csv format and opening them in excel. This would allow you to get the numbers into spreadsheet form and generate your own rating based on that. Generating your own rating would also allow you to weight the different areas (cpu, memory) based more closely on your companies specific needs. Currently our passmark rating is weighted in a way that we feel represents "average" computer use and is as follows.

    Disk 20%
    CD/DVD 9%
    Memory 18%
    3D Graphics 12%
    2D Graphics 14%
    CPU 27%

    Unfortunately modifying existing baselines isn't possible.


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      Thanks for the reply, so could I just run this past you.

      CPU Mark....... 2D Graphics Mark......... Memory Mark........ Disk Mark...... 3D Graphics Mark..............Total
      1268............. 805.8........................ 553.8................... 450.8 ...........699.7.............................3778

      That would be the totals of the above areas, ignoring the more inticate subsections which I guess are calculated into the above areas? Are these figures already weighted at this point or are they wieghted in the way they are added to create the total? The CD mark has been removed and in some cases we may want to ignore the graphics areas also. Can you exaplain how you currently workout the total passmark score from these figures? The total figure at the moment is simply all these figures added together. Thanks for any further help you can offer


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        Each of these values needs to be multiplies by the percentages listed above and then added together to get the standard passmark rating.

        CPU: 1268*0.27 = 342.36
        2d: 805.8*0.14 = 112.812
        memory: 553.8*0.18 = 99.684
        disk: 450.8*0.20 = 90.16
        3d: 699.7*0.12 = 83.964

        Total = 728.98

        This would be the partial Passmark rating you would be given if you ran all the tests bar the CD and got these results.

        As I said before these weightings are merely what we feel is represents an average computers use. If you are going to the trouble of processing the data yourself it might be worthwhile making your own weightings based on what the computers are actually used for.