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New Motherboard, Crazy Result!

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  • New Motherboard, Crazy Result!

    Can this be true? I bought a MSI Platinum fast motherboard and changed to a slightly better graphics-card (by slightly better i mean just a little bit better on the MHz ). Before i changed i got (best result) 880 points, now - 1080 - thatīs 200 point difference. Does that sound crazy or correct?

    Im waiting for my SSD-disks also - i bought 2 OCZ 32 GBīs & a Raid-controllercard - how much will that improve my results? Right now iīve got a Western Digital Caviar - 16 mb cache - i forgot to say that i also sold my Raptor wich i used in the first 880-point-test. Thatīs why im so surprised!


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      The results for the 3D graphics didn't improve (they got worse in fact, maybe due to device driver differences) but the result for the disk 'improved' dramatically.

      In the first run you got 82/74/4 MB/sec for R/W/seek.
      In the 2nd you got 544/3/144 MB/sec R/W/seek

      The 2nd result might appear to be nonsense. But you can get results like this with caching, RAM drives, or compressed drives (where there is also a lot of caching).