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Q9550 benchmark, is this normal?

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  • Q9550 benchmark, is this normal?

    Gud evening every1,

    I would lik to ask if a CPU with quad processor 9550 which obtain 1700 score normal?

    coz i refer to the chart n normally non overclocked 9550 is around 4000 scores, i not sure how to interpret the score so i seek for assistance here

    any1 can let me know if my score supose to b at 4000 range or what?

    my mobo is gbyte ep45 ud3l
    my ram is kiingston 4gb 800 (but duno y run oni at 400mhz)
    vista 64 bits os

    if it's not normal can let me know the possible causes?

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    Are you refering to just the CPU mark or the overall system Passmark Rating?

    The CPU mark for a Q9550 should be around 4000.

    But the PassMark Rating depends on other factors like disk and video card performance.


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      tq for ur attention

      i m referring ti passmark score

      let me giv u my specs in details

      q9550 2.8ghz
      gbyte ep45-ud3l
      4gb ram 800 ddr2
      vista 64bits
      ati hd4850 512mb ddr3
      western digital 640gb 18mb cache
      cm casing, used cm thermal grease

      is there anything else i ned to add?
      can u help me figure out wat might b the cause?
      idle temp of procesor is 45
      gc temp 50


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        People who have purchased the PerformanceTest software can download V6 baseline files from our database of more than 12000 benchmark results and easily compare their machine to other machines.

        There are also some initial baseline results included with the software itself. (under the baseline menu option).

        And if you are just interetsed in CPU performance, there is the site.

        A PassMark Rating score of 1700+ is pretty good but it well below the current highest score (4400+).

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          hi there my fren, tq for all ur reply n attention
          k i wil purchase the program n giv it a try tq