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  • Slowww 3D Suddenly

    I seem to be having an issue lately with my 3D tests. On 20 Oct I ran all the tests and my 3D Graphics Mark was 273.3 (632.8 Simple/ 154.7 Medium/ 66.6 Complex). The last week I have been running the tests again but now my 3D Mark is down to 58.7 (68.5 Simple/ 61.6 Medium/ 37.1 Complex). The remaining tests have been in line with the previous results (with the exception of 2D Complex which went from 54.5>7.1). All the testing was done the same-no non-essential programs running, fresh reboot, etc. Also, I have reinstalled the latest video drivers for my adapter (GeForce 7600GS) with no discernible change in test results. No new hardware has been installed since the 20 Oct test results.
    Any idea's on what the heck could be the cause of such peculiar behavior? Thanks for any input or advice.

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    An updated device driver would be the most obvious cause. Not all updates from ATI and nVidia actually improve things. It is not unusual for them to break things in new driver releases.

    The next possibility is that the check box in the PerformanceTest preferences window to limit the frame rate to the monitor refresh rate has been checked.

    Then there are other rarer possibilities, like the CPU or GPU overheating and throttling down. Or updates in 3rd party software that have changed the behaviour of the system.


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      Ohhh, your good! I must have checked the box to limit the frame rate to the monitor refresh rate without even realizing it. At least now my performance is a bit (lot) better Thanks for your help!