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Accuracy of PassMark Benchmarks (for Processors)!

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  • Accuracy of PassMark Benchmarks (for Processors)!

    Hi, I'm looking at a getting a new budget laptop and am stuck on which processor is the "best bang for the buck." After coming across the PassMark performance benchmarks for processors, I'm curious as to how accurate they actually are.

    I'm looking a the Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 processor which IS NOT a Core 2 Duo processor which receive 1053 (points?), in comparison to actual Core 2 Duo processors such as the T5800 and T8100 models which received 1060 and 1208 points. These Core 2 Duo processors cost a lot more than the T3200 chip which is why I'm asking if the difference between the 2 (Pentium Dual Core and Core 2 Duo chips) is worth the extra money (~$150 CAD). So again:

    Pentium Dual Core T3200: 1053 points
    Core 2 Duo T5800: 1060 points
    Core 2 Duo T8100: 1208 points

    P.S. I've read somewhere that the T3200 is the same as the Core 2 Duo chips with lower FSB and Cache. Is this true? and if so, will the lower FSB and cache be that noticeable?


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    The difference between the T3200 and T5800 from a users point of view is very small in every aspect.

    However the difference between the T3200 and T8100 is more significant. The T8100 uses the newer 45nm manufactiring process and will give a longer battery life, more processing power and a higer resale value.

    If you are just using the PC for E-Mail, get the cheap CPU. If you are gaming, or doing intensive tasks, get the faster CPU.