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first time user - Removing CD score

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  • first time user - Removing CD score

    I've built a new machine, on a cheap budget. I just found Passmark when i was looking for a metric to measure any increase I'd get on my new box.
    So I'm tweaking and measuring, using the test version and std script(?).
    I've run a bunch of benchmarks and am having trouble with the CD test results. I'd like to exclude them from old & new benchmarks, but still have it run all the others tests as a group.
    Is there any way to pull that data out of previous benchmarks & recalculate?
    And to run benchmarks, without CD, I need to?
    Great program

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    The CD result is about 9% of the overall PassMark rating.

    But you can just look at the individual mark values if you aren't interested in the CD result.