I'm not bragging and I may even be interpreting everything wrong. My total (partial score because I didn't insert a dvd into the floppy) score was 1990.2. SMOKIN'!! Not bad for my first ever build! I have to say, though, that they make it a lot easier than they used to.

Intel 925xcv MB
P4 3.0
1024 DDR2
2 36gig SATA 10k raptors raid 0
Gigabyte X600 XT PCIe video

Total system w/ OS, 21" CRT, speakers, case and ps and all the internal stuff including shipping was $2,300. Finished the build in September 04, so I'm sure you could build this pc for even less. Sad thing is, I don't have any software to push this monster yet. I need the upcoming Sony H.D. camcorder next