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Please Help to understand and explain results of 3D tests.

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  • Please Help to understand and explain results of 3D tests.

    I got a new 8400 with 3.4Ghz, 1GB RAM, 160GB SATA, and nvidia 6800 256 MB and the 1905FP with the latest driver for the video card from nvidia and the latest driver for the 1905FP which it seems performing lower (video) than my "old one". The "old one" is a 4550 2.66 Ghz, 1GB RAM and a ATI Radeon 9700 TX (not the XT) 128 MB with the 1800FP.

    I ran a 3D test that came with my Norton System Works software and the new one scores much, much lower on the 3D Simple test (Old one= 1450 fps, New one= 550 fps). However on the 3d medium and complex the new one beats the old one by only 10%!!!. I installed the newest drivers from DELL(1905FP and video card) = same thing then I installed the newest drivers directly from nvidia = same thing. Same scores.

    Is there an explanation for this?. I need help would be really appreciated.

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    OK, I am probably getting old, but it would help a lot if you (and other posters) could spell things out. It would save a lot of time and you are going to get a better answer.

    I assume what you are calling a "8400" is a Dell 8400? Or maybe the Acerpower 8400-T or maybe even the Asus L 8400? Could even be the HP Photosmart 8400 printer or Xerox 8400?

    Again, I am guessing the 1905FP is a LCD monitor from Dell?

    On the other hand you didn't state which version of PerformanceTest you are using. Norton System Works included a few different versions depending on which year you purchased it in.

    The reason might be that you are using different resolutions and colour depths on both machines or you have selected different device driver settings or you have a different version of DirectX or you have different performance settings in Windows or you are running a different O/S.