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  • Billing issue...

    Ok, I am quiet satisfied with your benchmark program it offers such a scalable alternative to other benchmark programs. I actually get raw data and feedback plus I love the baseline setup.

    I am totally sold for the price however the site keeps rejecting my card. My info is correct and it has worked fine on other sites, is there anything else I can do to purchase this with a card?

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    You didn't post your E-mail address, name or any other details by which we could identify your order attempt.

    But here is some general information about how the payment system works and some reasons why your bank might be refusing the transaction.

    When you click the Order button on our system we pass your card details and the value to our bank. They in turn communicate with your bank who gives a response. We do not purposely fail your card, we only earn our money once a sale is made so we are as keen as you for a successful transaction.

    Your bank has issued a "Declined" statement. It may be that your bank is not allowing your account to be charged for transactions on the Internet. You may have purchased on the Internet in the past but the vendor may not have an official Internet credit card merchant account so your bank was unaware it was an Internet purchase. The merchant name is, so check with your bank stating it is an Internet transaction with as the merchant.

    Another point to consider is that it can take 10 working days from when your credit card company received it's last payment before it credits your account. Maybe you were over your limit?

    Another reason for "Declined" could be that your card is known as an ATM card and is not really a credit card.

    Another reason for "Declined" could that you entered an invalid expiry date.

    Another reason for failure "Declined" could be that your bank has determined this transaction is outside your normal buying pattern.

    One final reason - if your card is a Maestro card we can not accept those yet.