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VERY slow results for hard drive test

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  • VERY slow results for hard drive test

    I have a vertex 30GB SSD, and it performs well in HDtune, but I am getting terrible results under performance test. is there a setting I should change for SSD's?

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    Can you post your disk test results to show what you mean by terrible.

    Typically most current generation SSDs aren't much faster than standard drives when it comes to sequential read and write, although should be somewhat better in random read/write. There are no particular options in PT for SSDs.

    You can try running some of the advanced disk tests (under the advanced menu). With this you can get more detailed info. In particular you can see the drives access times, which is where SSDs really outperform the older drives.


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      here is the screen shot. I did make sure it was running the test on C: in preferences (which is the SSD) Maybe I am interperting the results wrong...I will also post results from HD tune.

      Am I reading the results wrong?


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        You are using an old release of HD Tune. OCZ themselves only rate these drives at 80MB/sec write speeds. The -1% CPU usage also somewhat undermines the confideence on the HD Tune results. What is the exact drive model? You should also try some of the advanced disk test.


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          here is my drive:

          that version of HD Tune I had just downloaded, it was the free version though.

          I will try the pro versions trial to check the results.

          Ok, here are the results. I could not do write tests, it said there would have to be no partitions for a write test:

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            There are several different ways a hard disk can be accessed (from a programatical point of view), and the effects of caching, and device driver quirks can have a big impact on the R/W speeds. You can experiment with these different paramters from the advanced disk test window. You might find a specific case where is doesn't perform well. The RAW disk access method in PerformanceTest most closely maches the HDTach disk access method. (But this is not the method used in the quick test).