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  • David (PassMark)
    We don't matain a list of the minimum requirements for games.
    But this information will be on the web site for pretty much every game on the market.

    But if you have just the minimum requirement for a specific game, don't expect great frame rates, and be prepared to turn off all the fancy graphical features in the game.

    A simple upgrade, like a new graphics card or more RAM, can often make a huge difference to game performance.

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  • Aerandir00
    started a topic Test score list.

    Test score list.

    Is there anywhere that I can find a sample list of test scores for PCs that are a bare minimum for certain programs??

    Such as the lowest possible score on a PC to run some of the latest games.

    My PC is just over a year old and yet it does not seem to be preforming as well as it should be able to with some programs, this is why I look for such a list.