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  • Graphics 3D complex-9800gt

    Hi, I recently bought a 9800gt. Just for curiosity I was comparing my 9800gt with my older video card, a 9500gt. The 9800gt is 2x or 3x faster in almost every graphic test, including the Direct X 10. But in the complex test the performance is almost the same, ~42 fps for each video card. My CPU is an Athlon 64 X2 dual core @ 2.9 GHz. I know it is not the best CPU but the same thing happens when I compare my 9800gt with other PCs with the same CPU and video card. I have better performance in almost every graphic test, except the 3D complex. Why I have this problem?

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    It does sound like frame rate is CPU limited. The other possibility that we see from time to time is video card device drivers limiting the frame rate to be no more than the monitors refresh rate.