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  • SLI enabled MB

    How do I get PerformanceTest to recognize that I have 2 video cards that are SLI enabled. My video scores really suck and I noticed that only one video card is seen by PerformanceTest.

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    SLI only helps with a small number of 3D games.

    There are a bunch of old threads that cover this.


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      I registered to post the following on SLI compatibility in games. Hopefully it will be useful to the OP or anyone else reading this.

      While the admin says SLI only helps with a "small number of games," a quick google search reveals a large list of 746 games mentioned on SLIzone as optimized for SLI:

      Also, several benchmark utilities listed there are included. Perhaps the admin can ask again? I think he should at least state up front that the PassMark PerformanceTest tool does not support SLI to make it clear. I installed this tool to see the differences between SLI and non-SLI and then learned the truth after the fact.


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        We do support SLI, and tested on SLI systems to ensure compatibility. SLI just didn't make the 3D any faster.

        It is to say nVidia's device driver didn't support our software. As stated on the page "NVIDIA has optimized SLI performance on the following applications....". It is up to nVidia to add support, if they feel like it. Maybe you should contact nVidia and ask for support. We did, but they didn't bother to answer.

        700 games out of all Windows applicaitons that use 3D is a small number. For example Amazon lists 16,000 PC game titles for sale. This doesn't include many older games, doesn't include non mainstream shareware titles, and doesn't include 3D applications that are not games (e.g. CAD/CAM).


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          I submitted your application on their "SLI Application Compatibility Request" page. Let's hope they respond!


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            Yes, let us know if you get any feedback.
            The sad part is we even have some internal contacts at nVidia (they purchased some of our products). But even this didn't help, they only said they would pass on our request. We had the same experience when we tried to repport device driver bugs to them. No response.


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              I didn't get an opportunity to give a contact, so it was just a form I filled out requesting it for your app.


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                It would be nice to have SLI and crossfire support For PerformanceTest.
                This would allow people to see the approximate increase in performance going from a single card to SLI or Crossfire. IMO PT was never meant to be a true measure of 3d performance. No synthetic test can be an accurate measure of 3d game or 3d application performance. The performance can only be measured using the game or application its self.

                PT is a tool to gauge performance change when changing hardware or software on a given system or comparing one system to another.
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