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  • David (PassMark)
    No, if your baseline doesn't contain for example, the 3D results, then the overall result will be lower.

    So this means you can't directly compare the PassMark rating to machines that have all results present in their baseline.

    You'll need to compare the individual results, rather than the overall result.


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  • russell
    started a topic Adjust the weighting?

    Adjust the weighting?


    I've reviewed a trial version of PerformanceTest v5.0. and it looks very nice!
    I've got a question about the Total score and how it's calculated. Currently I'm testing a computer system with variation in CPU speed, memory and harddisk to see how the changes affect the performance.
    In the manual is described how the end score is calculated and what weighting is used for the different parts of the system.
    In my research some tests are excluded, because they're not applicable. (the system doesn't support 3D Graphics and doesn't have a CD/DVD drive).
    So those tests aren't used for the end score, but I'm wondering how the score is calculated then? Are the others weithings increased, so the total remains 100%?

    Further, is it possible to change the weightings? Some of our production systems don't use Graphics, so I would like to lower the weighting for 2D graphics and increase the weighting for the CPU.

    Thanks for your help & Keep op the good work!