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Powerful PC, But low rate !

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  • David (PassMark)
    You can compare the results of you machine to other machines, by downloading baseline files and comparing the results to your machine.

    At the moment there are 2040 baselines for i5 750 systems.

    The overall PassMark rating for i5 750 systems varies from 900 to 2000 depending on the video card, RAM, hard drive, OS, overclocking, etc..

    You can also find the top and bottom 20 results here.

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  • alsamawy
    started a topic Powerful PC, But low rate !

    Powerful PC, But low rate !

    Hi Guys,

    This computer's specifications
    - CPU : Intel i5-750
    - MB : Intel® Desktop Board DH55HC
    - RAM : Kingston 2GB DDR3 KVR1333D3N9/2G
    - GPU : ZOTAC 8600GT 512
    - HD : WD 500GB CAVER BLUE
    - OS : Windows 7 64-bit

    And I get this

    Is this normal or is there something wrong ? I don't think it's a normal rate. after I read this when I press the 'Explain' button.
    The "PassMark rating" is a weighted average of all the other test results and gives a single overall indication of the computers performance. The bigger the number, the faster the computer. For example, a typical old Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz, has a rating of about 700, while a Core2 Duo E8500 with 3GB of Memory may have a rating around 1250.
    What do u think guys ?