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Same computer, different hard drives ---> Results

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  • Same computer, different hard drives ---> Results

    Hi guys, I hope I can post the following here.

    I just wanted your advice and ideas on my results. I just ran the performance test on the same computer, but with 2 different hard drives, one with XP, one with Vista.

    There is a drastic difference in the write speed on the XP hard drive and the Vista one.

    The reason I have found and used this test is because my XP drive (320GB and primary use drive) as recently started to give me poor playback of audio in videos and even the startup sounds.

    Is this the first signs of a hard drive dying, if not, what can I do to correct this.

    On a side note, quite interesting in the difference in memory use, shows how much of a hog vista can be!


    XP in red, Vista in Green.

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    Now solved, turned out my Secondary IDE controller had reset to P/O mode after a few hard resets. all back to normal now!